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Round blade used in the three major aspects of the branch segment

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Round blade used in the three major aspects of the branch segment

Using the circular blade to divide the cutting strip, this technology has been developed and applied for more than ten years, which has obtained enormous economic benefits and social benefits. Below with the roller processing industry as an example, the application of ultra hard round blade in the production of the promotion.

Roll processing industry

Many domestic large-scale roll enterprise have been using superhard circular blade of chilled cast iron, hardened steel, and other types of roll for car shortage, coarse and fine turning, have achieved good benefits 7 average increase machining efficiency is 2 ~ 6 times, save working hours and power 50% ~ 80%. Such as Wuhan Iron and Steel Company roller factory of hardness is HS60 ~ 80 of chilled cast iron roll roughing, semi finishing car, cutting speed increased 3 times,? Car rolls, saving power, working hours, fees more than 400 yuan, a round blade cost savings of nearly 100 yuan, great economic benefit has been obtained. Such as our school FD22 metal ceramic circular blade turning hrc58 ~ 63 of 86CrMoV7 hardened steel roll (Vc=60m/min, f=0.2mm/r, ap=0.8mm) and single edge continuous roll cutting and diameter of level (tool flank wear with the maximum width of the VBmax=0.2mm) meet the turning instead of grinding.

Industrial pump processing industry

At present, slurry pump production plant 70% to 80% have adopted the ultra hard round blade. Slag and slurry pump widely used in mines, electric power and other industries, is in urgent need of the domestic and foreign products and its sheath, a guard board is HRC63 ~ 67 of cr15mo3 high hardness cast iron pieces. In the past, it was difficult to turn this kind of material, so it had to be annealed and softened and then hardened. After using the super hard round blade, the smooth realization of a hardening process, from the annealing and quenching of 2 processes, saving a lot of time and electricity.

Automotive processing industry

In automobile and tractor industry in the crankshaft, cam shaft, a transmission shaft processing, measuring and cutting tools, machining and equipment maintenance, often encounter the problem of Machining Hardened workpiece. Such as China a locomotive and rolling stock plant, in equipment maintenance need to carry on the processing of the inner ring of the bearing, the bearing inner ring (material GCr15 steel hardness is HRC60, inner diameter f285mm by grinding process, grinding uneven allowance, 2h to grind; and take superhard circular blade, only with 45min is processing into an inner ring. After years of research and exploration, China has made great progress in the ultra hard round blade, however, the application of ultra hard round blade in the production is not widely. The reason mainly has the following aspects: the production enterprise, the operator to use the ultra hard round blade to carry on the hard turning effect understanding is not enough, generally believed that the hard material can only be grinding; thought that the circular blade cost is too high. Hard turning first round blade cost than ordinary hard alloy circular blade high (such as PCBN than ordinary hard alloy expensive 10 times), but its contribution in? Part of the cost is lower than the grinding, and bring benefits ordinary hard alloy is better than; of superhard circular blade machining and research is not enough; superhard circular blade processing norms are not sufficient to guide the production practice.

Therefore, in addition to the deep study of the machining mechanism of the super hard round blade, it is necessary to strengthen the ultra hard round blade.


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