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China is expected to become the most potential hardware blade Market

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In the face of the severe market situation, it is imperative to improve the service to increase the added value of the products. For a long time immersed in the blade industry people will humbly blurted out such words -- "small product big business success". Indeed, in the whole process of metal processing, the blade itself is only about 3% of the cost. But is such a small product, but has a huge market share.

China is the world's most development potential of the blade market, many multinational blade group in its development strategy, to expand the blade sales in China as the first choice, the enterprise's Asia Pacific headquarters, R & D center, training center, logistics center have settled in China, thus to China as the center of radiation in Asia, more direct convenient service to customers, to better meet the needs of customers in the Asia Pacific region.

Count down around Chinese blade market this big "cake", active in the market with foreign traditional blade points Santak, IMC, Department of the United States, Europe, Japan five lines, they in the Chinese market and domestic blade a bloodless war.

factional disputes

The five factions, Sandvik Group, including Walter, high mountains, 000 aktiebolag, Safety, Thomas, knight.

In June 6, 2012, Sandvik Coromant greater Beijing District Efficiency Center Grand opening. Efficiency is the center of Sandvik Coromant metal processing field in the original concept, the global total of 27 efficiency center located in more than 20 countries.

Although Santak is a leader in the global market for blade, but Kenner, Mitsubishi, IMC are "to the second spot of powerful competitors. On April 2, 2012, IMC, chief executive officer JacobHarpaz in TaeguTec second factory opening ceremony speech said: "the IMC Group in the world is the second largest blade manufacturer of metal cutting. Therefore, in many areas ranked either first or second." The global industry Toubajiaoyi coveted the heart shows between the lines.

And the United States is mainly represented by Kenna. In 2011, Kennametal Inc received about $2 billion 400 million in compensation, which comes from outside North America, where income is more than 50%. Of course, the United States Department of blade and STELLRAM, MILLSTAR, M.A.Ford, SGS, GARR, good STAR brand blade.

Japan, including MITSUBISHI, KYOCERA, Sumitomo, Taike Luo, machine, Dai Jie, fujikoshi, Hitachi etc.. And machine tool, the Japanese blade of the price is very good in china.

European system is mainly dominated by Germany, including MAPAL, Guehring, EMUGE, Fraisa, VARGUS, HORN, Hoffman, etc..

Although foreign brands blade burgeoned in the Chinese market, but these years, Chinese market but also the achievements of the outstanding enterprises as Zhuzhou Diamond, Xiamen Golden egret, Zheng Zuan etc., with the original four tool factory, about 10 backbone enterprises, have completed the traditional blade from the transition to the modern blade industry and a year than a year develop good they have to enter the period of rapid growth.

However, China's annual imports of about 1/3 of the total market, but all of the modern and efficient blade. Made in China, the modern high efficient blade is only 10%~15%. This indicates that China has become the world's most development potential of the blade of the market at the same time, the high-end market is multinational enterprises to occupy the domestic blade development is a long and arduous task.

In addition to mention is that in the Asian market, China Taiwan blade (positive Heyuan, tiger, DHF, security threats and South Korean blade in China blades on the market also has certain status, especially China Taiwan blade to its low price and good practical deep in the heart of the customers in China.

Sell the blade is selling service

Like machine tools, customers buy the blade, not just need the blade itself, but also need to achieve the requirements of the perfect cutting.

Therefore, for the blade manufacturing enterprises, blade sales cannot just described simple blade itself performance, also need to study the customer to the workpiece material, combined with its cost, and give a systematic solution.

"The current situation is that customers want to have a certain percentage of the annual cost of the decline, but the requirements for the service is always in the." Santak system under a certain brand of blade sales personnel told reporters that this situation is not good, the performance of the company fell 20%, and the psychological expectations of customers for an increase of the reduction is to increase the cost of operating companies.

Blade belongs to the consumer goods industry, price is the weapon of the competitive market, pricing can not be higher than the same product too much. Therefore, in addition to the scale of sales to share the cost, the company is also an important way to obtain the corresponding profit.

In fact, with the production of new manufacturing industry and customer demand for more and more high production efficiency, today's international blade manufacturing enterprises are in the breakdown of their own technical team. Don't light Coromant and other international blade manufacturing enterprises such as ISCA, Kenner, higher mountain, from R & D to technical service team, have group of die and mould industry, automotive industry group, aviation industry group, MTB group and new increase in energy industry group, medical industry group.

Due to the characteristics of the blade industry, blade manufacturing companies often want their product variety complete, so it is convenient for customers to provide a full range of solutions. But because of the characteristics of processed products, often need to go to the fine, the direction of the special.

For example, a high mountain in order to further improve the blade products series, the success of the acquisition of the French knife handle and tool manufacturing company EPB and Netherlands produces the whole hard alloy cutter Jabro company.

Hill said, will showcase a variety of blades for aerospace application design in 2012 Singapore air show solutions


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