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Steel rolling knife, flying shear blade, hot shear blade

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Flying shear machine is the important equipment in the flying shear line, the flying shear machine is divided into double crank rotation, single crank and rotary.

Single crank and rotary flying shear structure: single rotary, bottom-up shear.

The cutting work position is divided into two parts on the upper and lower parts, and the lower tool carrier is embedded in the upper tool carrier, and the guide surface is a copper plate. The upper tool carrier is constrained to the box frame by 4 to pay the linear guide rail, and the crank rotates one week, and the shearing work bit completes the upper and lower shear and the reciprocating movement.

The upper blade is rectangular, the lower blade is V type. The lower blade is installed on the lower cutter head through an adjustable knife seat, and the cutting gap is changed by adjusting the position of the cutter seat. Blade material: H13K.

The transmission motor adopts AC servo motor (55 kW, 500rpm), which is connected with the transmission shaft through a conical connector, which is reliable to withstand frequent impact.


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